Principles of Education Opportunity for HS Students

The Principles of Education courses have been learning about, …well…, education! The students who take this course expect to learn more about what it means to be a teacher, counselor or principal. But we want the students to learn more!

This year, the Principles of Education courses at Cedar Ridge, McNeil, Round Rock, and Stony Point will have the chance to interview staff members from the district administration team. As Admin team members sit in a circle around the room, students go around the room spending 10 minutes with each administrator. The administrator begins by discussing their work history and current job duties, and then students have a chance to ask questions. This has been a great opportunity for our students to learn about all of the various roles it takes to make a large district successful. It also helps students see that there are many ways to contribute to a district in addition to the traditional roles. Finally, it’s also a chance for the non-campus administrators to work with students and reflect on their careers.

This activity will happen throughout the spring semester with Cedar Ridge interviews happening in January, Round Rock in February, McNeil in March, and Stony Point in April.